Teri S

Jacksonville, FL
The Most Dedicated Realtor in Jacksonville My first experience with David Karas was through a coworker via word of mouth. I was new to town and needed a quick rental property because I was not having any luck getting responses from other realtors. We exchanged numbers and within 48 hours I was viewing 4 potential properties. He considered my needs, my preferences and even worked with my schedule. He was respectful, knowledgeable and welcoming me& my family. Because of all that I told him when I decided to buy a house I would reach out again. A year later, I was ready and David got to work.He responded in the same fashion helping me utilize his website and cross referenced sites I looked at through other resources for the time it took me to find the perfect house for my family. With the current market it was not an easy task but he was motivated and very supportive of me as I dealt with feeling overwhelmed of the difficulty at times. We searched at least 100 homes, viewed about 30-40 more and he set up 4 offers from November to my final bid in March. I knew he had to have other customers but I never felt any less important. I was able to reach him for questions, prospects and feedback anytime within reason. He went above and beyond to help me find a home and saw me through to the end. I even consider him a friend and would recommend anyone to seek his help.
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Roujeeh B

Jacksonville, FL
THE BEST EVER!! he is the most professional realtor ever. he has a lot of connections and will find you what ever you need. after dealing with him for two years he became part of our family. he helped us to find our dream home, and before that he helped us to find apartments to rent for two years and his choices were always the perfect ones. i HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM especially if you want a realtor who knows his job so well and will make everything easier on you.

Mark & Linda H

Deltona, FL
My husband and I found him to be very professional and interested in us. He was professional and provided us with current and accurate information to ensure we were knowledgeable in the decisions we needed to make.

Lindsay M

Jacksonville, FL
Next month will mark our first full year in this wonderful house you found for us. I can't explain how grateful we are for your help. The house is lovely and fits us perfectly. We made quite a few improvements & have plenty more to go. Your help was purely delightful and we will be forever thankful.

Kevin Elliott

Atlanta, GA
I have made several attempts to build strong relationships with other real estate agents, but with not much successful. David is very professional and seeks to bring value to those that he is associated and working with. We can always use a great real estate agent as part of our professional network and David is just that professional you are looking for.

Marty A

Atlanta, GA
"...it's imperative to work with a Realtor with integrity, knowledge, and a caring attitude. How rare is that? Dave has all these qualities and uses them with valuable experience. I highly recommend him as a needed asset during challenging real estate times."

W. Lewis B.

Atlanta, GA
I've know and worked with David many years. He is one of the few residential realtors I recommend. He is hard working and extremely knowledgeable. I recommend you use him for your residential real estate needs.

Sherry D

Charleston, SC
David is an experienced and professional real estate that provides exemplary service to each and every client. I would recommend working with David to any homebuyer or seller that is looking to sell in Florida or relocate here.